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Inner Child Therapy

Inner Child Therapies is based on the concept that it is important to clear negative emotions and beliefs that surround events from the past, in order to change behavioral patterns in the present. When a traumatic event in childhood is not resolved, a certain part of your psyche remains at that age. When a current situation reminds you of the past, it is possible to find yourself behaving like you did when you were a child and feeling disempowered and un-resourceful.


When we store emotions in our unconscious mind they form a gestalt, or memory file, based on a common theme or emotion. When the gestalt is triggered, all the associated emotions from the events that created it, become present in the moment, whether the current event warrants it or not. Gestalts are the structure of what is commonly called 'emotional baggage'.  

  • Clear negative beliefs, emotions, programming

  • Inner child healing and resolution

  • Gain a profound understanding of yourself and others

  • Become a deeper more authentic person who can take action towards their goals

  • Gain new, as well as creative resources that allow you to access your inner genius




Inner Child Therapies also focuses on the complex programming that we adopted from our parents, which may limit our potential in regards to attitudes around career, money, health and relationships. Often people consciously want to do the opposite of their parents, only to find that they sabotage themselves or procrastinate and don't know why. It is surprising just how many of our parents' habits and beliefs are embedded in our unconscious mind, and effect seemingly unrelated behaviours.


Stress, fear, anger, sadness, guilt and anxiety all effect well-being and the capacity to think clearly and be effective. Negative beliefs around worthiness, success and being lovable also affect the way others perceive us and therefore the quality of our relationships. When we can find the root cause of these emotions, disconnect negative influences and heal stressful events we find that life can be more in flow, we can get things done more easily and people respond to us with greater respect and affection.


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