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You're a success because you're so different. You're a game changer. You're here specifically to change what was into what's coming and that takes a crap ton of bravery and I trust you to do it.

Teal Swan The Spiritual Catalyst

on Sarah Louise


Sarah has dedicated her path to one of continuous learning, growth and contribution. Endlessly driven to understand human behaviour, development and potential much of her studies and experience has been informed by working with clients who have experienced trauma and abuse, guiding them through processes of internal healing to create positive change in their external worlds.


Sarah’s search for the most transformational resources to facilitate herself and others through profound positive change has led her on deep experiential journeys into the mind, body, heart and spirit. She is a traditionally trained Tabaquera-Curandera (Amazonian plant medicine healer) and has journeyed deeply with the teachings and practices of Tantra and sexual healing, Sarah’s purpose evolved from Therapeutic Coach and Bodyworker to include Sacred Sexuality sessions as she came into full alignment with her soul’s calling:


To facilitate and hold the most sacred space for those desiring to embody their highest expression of self. To open fully into their hearts and live congruently from their birthright place of love, connection and joy. To show up in their worlds unapologetically owning their bodies, owning their voice, owning their power and living with purpose, presence, pleasure and consciousness.

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