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Return To Your Nature

~ A Women's Sacred Sexuality Immersion
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* 4pm Friday March 26th - 4pm Sunday March 28th 

LIMITED to 12 Participants

Women, if you were DEEPLY held, nurtured and guided by two powerhouse Sacred Sexuality facilitators: Sarah Louise and Joelle Blake, who have COMPLETELY GOT YOU in anything and everything that will arise...


Would you courageously step into the fire for everything your feminine heart deeply yearns and longs for?


Imagine how it would feel to be held in the most powerful container to transform your inner landscape with your most intimate relationship; that with yourself, your body, your nature, and your sex.

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* SATURDAY 24th OCTOBER 1pm-4pm & 6pm-10pm *

THIS EVENT IS EXCLUSIVILY LIMITED TO 40 PEOPLE (once sold out no exceptions-Covid venue restrictions).


1-Day event separated into 2 Parts.


Part 1 – Polarity Play and Explorations. An educational, super fun charged combination of teachings and interactive connecting processes. Light, Intro level. No nudity event.


Part 2 – A Tantric Temple evening with teachings of Sacred Spot rituals. Yoni and Lingam massage with a live transmission of both. Note: participants will be learning, witnessing and holding presence for this sacred temple - Sarah Louise and Brett will be the ONLY givers and receivers. Participants fully clothed.

Please watch short clips of Sarah Louise sharing more details about the essence of this Event

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Perfect Timing for an inner Spring Clean and Activations with this Emotional Release and Ecstatic Dance Event


Sacred Cacao Ceremonies:


Sarah Louise is the founder and creatress of Canberra 's biggest conscious connections events. She uses Ceremonial Cacao as an ally to guide men and women on these mysterious Tantric medicine Journeys.


Sarah does not give much away about what's involved in these events, creating them after they have sold out by feeling into the collective energy of the field and what experience is most needed and in resonance with that particular group of journeyers.

You can read a blog below as written by an attendee for a sneak insight and join the FB Canberra Cacao Community group. Subscribing is also a good way of being first to know upcoming dates for next events as they sell out quickly!


Cacao Ceremony ~ Full Moon Womens Journey JUNE 19 2016

Warm Winter Nights:



LIMITED to 12, 6 Men & 6 Women


In the depths of Canberra Winter this is an invitation to come out of the cold every Wednesday night this August and into my heated Temple.

We will be co-creating space to deepen connection and intimacy with self and others through the exploration of Tantra and Shamanic Practices.

Another mysterious offering into the unknown where the medicine is in those who feel the resonance, courage and call to breathe life into these Temple Nights by showing up and surrendering to journey together in a way that is dynamic, unfolding, revealing and authentic to how our combined energies desire to experience, express, alchemise and synergise together.

The energy resonance being sent out is those that feel their inner ‘Yes’ activated (even if nervous!) to the collection of these words:

CONNECTION * Heart * Eye Gazing * Presence * Trust * Safety * Vulnerability * Touch * Tantric Energy Practices * Life-Force * Expansion * Being Seen Felt & Heard * Breath * Sound * Coconut Oil * Meditation * Sensation Activations * Intimacy * Intention * Ritual * Witnessing * Honouring * Holding Space * Boundaries * Shamanic Sound Baths * Out of Mind & into Body Wisdom * Blindfolds * Community * Gooey Mushy Loved Up Feelings * Remembering * Coming Home * Circle Sharing's * Nurtured Healing * Sweetness * New Experiences * LOVE

Those who’ve experienced and loved my previous events know my gifts are in holding, channelling and creating Sacred and Transformational spaces after they have sold out by feeling into the collective field and what is being called forth. The magic of this is sharing my wisdom, transmissions and weaving processes and experiences into the space in a way that is attuned, aligned and in flow with the highest intentions and activations of all those journeying.

Series 1: August 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th  6:30pm -9:30pm


Women's Mysteries Circle:

A 5 week immersion series into:



LIMITED to 11 women for deep intimacy


This is for the woman ready to be completely seen, heard and held in reverence, trust, support and safety. An intimate space to progressively journey deeper each week experiencing individual and interconnected openings and activations.

Each woman ignited by this offering will feel her inner ‘YES’ as an embodied commitment to herself to go even deeper in discovering and sharing more of herself. To showing up in honesty and vulnerability and surrendering to the mysteries of the unknown in full trust she will immerge more connected to her body, her pleasure, her truth, her expression, her confidence, and with a greater understanding and reverence for the wisdom, power and sacredness of her sexuality and Divine feminine nature.


There will be sex Re-education, a Tantric approach to sacred sexuality teachings, individual practices, some partner processes, group sharing circles as well as home play and an online support space as we journey the dichotomy of -

Pain: Releasing and integrating emotional, mental, physical and energetic blocks. This journey will stretch you to explore your edges, bringing your focus to previously abandoned and fragmented aspects of self calling for attention and care. You will grow in your capacity to meet tender and painful feelings and needs with presence, compassion, nurturance and love.

To create more space for -

Pleasure: Accessing and cultivating life-force energy through breathe, sound and movement meditations. Giving self full permission and expanding capacity of being tapped in, turned on and available to all the sweet sensations and pleasures life has on offer when we come out of the head and live from our feelings, heart and body wisdom. 

* Sacred Sexuality and Secret Women's Business *

Series 1: Wednesday March 5th - April 3rd

Series 2: Wednesday May 31st – June 28

Time: 6:30pm – 9pm

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Full Moon Women's Gatherings:

Canberra's Full Moon Women's Gatherings

'Full Moon Women's Gatherings Canberra'  Is a community visioned and birthed by Sarah Louise for women looking for authentic connections. A sacred space to be received with open hearts, to share and be seen, co-create new experiences and feel the support, safety and power of the feminine coming together.

NOTE - Sarah Louise is no longer hosting these events due to focus on her Sacred Sexuality and Shamanic Cacao offerings & events.

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