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Sacred Sexuality Sanctuary

For Men

Go ahead and read this blog and see where you find yourself in the words. Sarah Louise shares  wisdom and insights from her learnings and experiences working with the masculine energy (in women and men):

*  Premature ejaculation?

*  Erectile dysfunction?

*  Delayed Ejaculation?

*  Addiction to porn and release?

*  Feeling desensitized and only achieving orgasm through hard and fast stimulation?

*  Arousal gained externally with limited internal body and energy awareness?

*  Trouble connecting intimately with self and lovers?

*  Body or Sexuality shame? Guilt? Fear?

*  Ready to re-pattern the body's pleasure map from habitual pathways and learn sexual mastery?

*  Ready to learn just how much more there is to be experienced in life when you cultivate your sexual energy as life-force energy to fuel your passion, purpose, embodiment, consciousness and power in the world? 


Sacred sexuality has always been practiced with the intent of transforming sexual energy into a higher, spiritualised, personal experience of oneness, or union with divinity

Sarah Louise is a nurturing, intuitive, Sexual Healing Practitioner and Therapeutic Coach. She brings integrity, magic, presence and heart to all her clients and sessions.

She holds the safest and most powerful space for men to reconnect with the true power, potency and wisdom of their life-force energy through profoundly transformative embodiment sessions.


Client Etiquette- Please read through following carefully!


My intention for this work is to provide authentically empowering and transformational sexual education and experiences. I only wish to work with people that are open to learning and receptive to new ideas.

~ You understand this is a professional therapeutic service. I do not offer a Sex Worker Service - I do not offer relief massage or a 'rub and tug' service, nor oral or sexual intercourse.

~ Whilst the sessions may at times be sexually charged and intimate you are happy and willing to respect me and will not try to “take” from me, such as touch me in ways that have not been consensually agreed upon.

~ Please respect my time. If you think you are going to be more than 5 minutes late please notify me as soon as convenient.

~ I do not get naked.

~ Do not have heavy foods for at least 2 hours prior to your appointment.

~ DO NOT arrive intoxicated or influenced by alcohol, marijuana or other drugs -you will be sent away.

~ Please arrive freshly showered or be ready to shower when you arrive.

~ Please leave yourself unhurried time after your session to integrate and go gently.

“What a difference these sessions make. I feel more aliveness and clarity with my sexuality than ever before. I’ve been supported and guided to explore the depths of myself in ways that have brought  forward super pleasurable experiences in my sex life and beyond. My orgasms are HUGE and incredibly satisfying, I can move and channel my sexual energy around my body or into my life’s work with a more ease full intention. 

My body feels more easily nourished.

Performance in and out of the bedroom feels on point.

Intimacy feels way more accessible and free.

I feel easy more confident in being more of myself to my family and the world.


..Sarah, thankyou for holding me in this exploration. Super grateful for the unconditional heart you have within you

R, 37, ACT


Tantric Masculine Honouring Ritual - 2hrs $350

These sessions are about dropping out of your head and deeply into the magic and wisdom of your body. Sessions include meditation, Tantric breathing and sounding, full body massage and sensory experiences to activate and awaken your capacity to feel pleasure and orgasmic energy throughout your entire body. Lingam massage and external prostate massage.

For many men there can be great pressure around sex and sexuality, pressure to ‘perform’ to ‘have an erection’ to ‘give her an orgasm’… in these sessions we drop all of that away as you open yourself to surrender, let go, receive and feel more deeply connected to your own body awareness, arousal and deeper inner sensations than you may ever have previously been able to - especially if you’ve been relying on activating your sexual energy with your mind, visually or externally with women or porn.

These sessions can be used to learn and embody mastery of your sexual energy, circulating it through your body to access more of your power, presence, pleasure, consciousness and to be at choice with your ejaculation, continually prolonging duration of your lovemaking sessions.


Sacred Spot and Sexual Mastery Sessions – 2.5hrs $400


This is a Tantric honouring ritual as above, though it also include ‘The Sacred Spot’, which for a man is his prostate gland. Massaging a man’s sacred spot, internally through the anus releases tremendous amounts of emotional and physical tension and stress. Benefits may include:

~ Improves erectile function and circulation, increasing blood flow, seminal fluid, eases ducts releasing fluid and energy blockages.

~ Intensifies orgasms, just like a women sacred spot is her G-spot, a male can access heightened states of expansive, transformational pleasure through his sacred spot.

~Reduces risk of prostatitis and prostate cancer

~This is also where men contract unexpressed and suppressed feelings such as shame, guilt, anger, and fear, so as well as being deeply pleasurable it can also be a deeply cathartic process to surrender to and receive sacred spot healing.

~ Open and activate energy channel to awaken kundalini/life-force flow. Connect with self-sourced power.

~ Re-pattern body and neural pathways to accessing pleasure, breaking habitual patterns of genital friction rubbing ‘short peak and deplete orgasms’.

~ Integrate feminine polarity - capacity to receive, surrender, feel, connect and be vulnerable. When you can deeply feel and connect with yourself, and embody the energy of deep vulnerability and surrender to receive penetration, you will have this sensitivity and awareness when bringing your powerful penetrative energy to lovers.

~ It’s unfortunate, especially in Australian society, that there has been much shame and negative association with homophobia and of anus exploration being ‘gay’ that many men completely miss exploring and experimenting with this highly erogenous/sacred gateway in their bodies.

Sessions can also include coaching/therapy and education depending on your unique needs and intentions

"...My self esteem was pretty low. I was apprehensive coming in to the appointment as my self image about age and weight was also getting me down. Meeting Sarah was a little intimidating at first because she is a very attractive lady. However I very quickly felt at ease as I didn't feel any judgment of any sort and just felt such a warmth and a welcoming spiritual place. I instantly felt myself relax in her presence..."

"I know I'm sounding overly dramatic but I honestly feel like I was touched by someone not of this world but of a much more beautiful place."

Mat, 50, ACT

"Sarah Louise guided me in transcending the immediate desires to a state of Devine bliss. Sarah Louise is a true goddess”

O, Male Client, age 50

Multidimensional Awakening Sessions -  3hrs $450


Sarah combines powerful coaching, education, inner child work, lingam massage, external and internal prostate healing massage (depending on client boundaries), energetic and sound healing processes which enable men to delve deeply into a matrix of body, mind, heart and spirit to free his emotions and memories from places of fear, shame, guilt, judgement and suppression. These sessions are extremely effective for releasing any trauma and suppressed emotions being held in the bodies muscle memory, clearing unconscious blocks, patterns and limiting beliefs accumulated from this life and past down generationally through DNA, parents and ancestors.

These sessions are DEEP, generally bringing up a lot of emotional energy ready for release. There is strong guidance and an emphasis on being actively involved in these sessions to drop you into places of contractions held in the body for release, integration and powerful transformation of your whole reality.

These sessions experientially explore the dichotomy of pain and pleasure - delving deeply into emotional pain and blocks to release for the purpose of creating space in your whole being to live in alignment with your power, potency, pleasure and purpose in a sustainable way.

"I thought the session may help with some things - I didn't expect it to challenge pretty much everything I thought I knew about my mind, body and the universe.. Maybe I didn't believe it when you said it would transform my reality!

I fuckin communicated with a spirit animal Sarah!!!! 

I previously would have said that's a load of BS. There's now a portal to other possibilities opened, the fabric of my beliefs has been completely torn away and the possibilities lie in plain sight... What have I done?

Some of my primal, carnal feelings both masculine and feminine during the session were so powerful. I didn't know I was capable of that level of energy - can't get my head around it yet - both scary and exciting.

 My interactions with both men and women are already different.

In short I'm bloody unbelievable!"

Andrew, 54, ACT

Reach out & connect, ask questions and set up a time for a free phone call consultation.                           
With Love, Sarah Louise

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