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Sarah Louise, I have been seeing such big shifts from my sessions with you and I am so grateful. I am noticing a fundamental shift in my base way of being in the world: A deep trust in life and it

s unfoldment seems to be really anchoring me. I'm also seeing lots of joy and fun in playing with my magnetism and magic, an embodied belief that I AM in fact powerful enough to bring what it is i desire into being.

Joelle,35, ACT

Sarah Louise embodies the true purpose of Tantra and holistically addresses the psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects as one interconnected experience. After a session with Sarah Louise, I always feel in balance, connected and at ease with myself.


Oliver, 58, ACT


I’ve been thinking about how amazing I feel and how to describe it!

After I left you last week I felt incredibly different. Everything looked different and smelt more intense. Once I got home I told my partner all about it and as I listened to myself talk I started to realise just how much it has had a positively amazing impact on me. 

The next day was interesting. It was a range of different things and emotions that just came up. After awhile I felt a very strong sense of letting go of something huge. Like a massive weight had slowly lifted off me and floated away. I truly believe that our session caused me to release a bunch of bad energy. 


I feel more connected to everything. I have felt so much closer to my partner because I’ve just started (without any effort) being so much more open and honest about what I want and need. I feel that I’ve almost been lying to myself about what I want and need. It is really an amazing change that has happened.

Sex has become SO much more intense!! It feels so freakin good! Like mind blowing compared to before. The difference is still hard to believe. I think my energy has had an effect on my partner also. We’ve been so close over the past week. I just feel so dam good Sarah! 

I’m just blown away by how different I feel and how relaxed I am. 

Before I saw you I was getting frustrated really easily and just being angry at the fact I just wasn’t happy for some reason. That has gone now. I feel so much more connected to the universe, I can almost hear it at times. I’m accepting so many different things that have happened or are happening and moving on from them which is making me feel so much lighter. It feels like magic.


Our session was nothing like I imagined and I can not get over how amazing I feel! 

Thank you so so much for opening me up. I am so grateful xx 


I’m really excited to see what other amazing, magical things happen once I can surrender and connect even more. 

I would luv to make another time to come and see you again and learn more. The sooner the better ! 


D, 28, ACT

"What a difference these sessions make. I feel more aliveness and clarity with my sexuality than ever before. I’ve been supported and guided to explore the depths of myself in ways that have brought  forward super pleasurable experiences in my sex life and beyond. My orgasms are HUGE and incredibly satisfying, I can move and channel my sexual energy around my body or into my life’s work with a more ease full intention. 


My body feels more easily nourished.


Performance in and out of the bedroom feels on point.


Intimacy feels way more accessible and free.


I feel easy more confident in being more of myself to my family and the world.”


R, male client,37, ACT


I thought these session may help with some things...

I didn't expect it to challenge pretty much everything I thought I knew about my mind or the universe (not sure which yet or both).  Maybe I didn't believe it when you said it would transform my reality!

Where to begin..... 

I fuckin communicated with a spirit animal Sarah!!!! 

I previously would have said that's a load of BS. There's now a portal to other possibilities opened, the fabric of my beliefs has been completely torn away and the possibilities lie in plain sight... What have I done?

I went (you guided me) places I want to go again, I want to see the colour of my energy like I saw yours. Some of my primal, carnal feelings both masculine and feminine during the session were so powerful. I didn't know I was capable of that level of energy - can't get my head around it yet - both scary and exciting.

I can't stop breathing the energy back in, I'm present and alive, I keep unconsciously vocalising (mostly growl like sounds?) giggling like a child, I'm constantly touching my body (not my genitals - don't have to) my fingertips are still energized!

My masculine sexual energy is present - I want again after a very long time to devour - a bit scary. My interactions with both men and women are already different.

In short I'm bloody unbelievable!

Thanks and gratitude don't seem to cover it so,

With love,



Andrew, 54, ACT

I am doing amazingly well since our beautiful session.
In the few weeks leading up to the appointment I had been feeling pretty down and dark about myself and life. I couldn't seem to snap out of it but was just trying to get on with things.

My self esteem was pretty low as well. I was apprehensive coming in to the appointment as my self image about age and being overweight was also getting me down. Meeting you was a little intimidating at first because you are a very attractive lady. However I very quickly felt at ease as I didn't feel any judgment of any sort and just felt such a warmth and a welcoming spiritual place. I instantly felt myself relax in your presence.

You took me on a beautiful journey that I have never felt anything like in my lifetime. I felt myself disappear in to another world and in to the experience. Being open and vulnerable allowed me to just sink in the magical world you took me too. It took me a day or so to come out of this magical place.

Since then a lot of the darkness I was feeling previously has lifted and although I seem to be feeling emotions more freely, including tears at times, I seem to be so much more at peace with the world. I am grateful beyond words for this.

I can't thank you enough for your therapy and this beautiful experience you gave me. I know I'm sounding overly dramatic but I honestly feel like I was touched by someone not of this world but of a much more beautiful place.

I don't normally speak like this but have been so moved by the journey and this is what’s pouring out.

Thank you again for the honor of meeting you and learning more about myself, my body and possibilities.



Mat, 50, ACT

When I first made contact with Sarah on Skype I was struck by how she focused in on me as an individual - I really felt heard.  I felt comfortable with her immediately and arranged to visit her in Australia. As a clinical psychologist I am incredibly particular as to who I trust to work with and I never had any doubt Sarah could hold the space to do the deep work I knew I needed to do.

The three sessions I had were very intense but Sarah's strength and sensitivity enabled me to trust her completely to facilitate this. I now feel more connected with myself, both my power and vulnerability - I can now understand how they are the same thing, and I understand much more on a physical and feeling level instead of just a 'head' level why I have felt blocked in so many areas of life. Things are still unfolding​ for me as to how I can now change my life in the ways I want to and I feel excited for the future.

Due to my location I couldn't choose to carry the work on further with Sarah which I would have done if I lived locally. However this powerful work has pointed the way for me and shown me that it is never too late to reconnect with yourself and your power through sacred sexuality work.


Katie, 60, UK

From my first contact with Sarah I felt a high level of commitment from her towards supporting me in my process.  It felt like she really took time to get to know who I am as a woman and what I wish for the future, I felt like she accepted everything I shared.

I couldn’t have imagined how emotionally therapeutic yoni massage could be.  With Sarah by my side I feel safe enough to listen to my inner wisdom and allow my body and soul to guide me.

I have improved my relationship with my body, I feel more grounded and in touch with my feminine essence.  I would describe Sarah as a shaman who knows both the strength of a mountain range and the gentleness of an etheric cloudy sky in her ability to guide and support, that whatever kind of strength is needed she unconditionally provided.

Expansive healing and reclamation has occurred in my life since exploring Sarah's therapeutic sacred sexality modality.  I feel forever blessed for changes that have occurred in my life!


B, 38, ACT


I was conflicted, excited and nervous when I went into my transformational bodywork and sacred sexual healing sessions with Sarah. I knew I needed something like this as I had issues connecting to my partner on an intimate level. I had always been the pleaser and had no real idea on how to receive pleasure or tap into it with another person. I resisted exploring, always opting for the 'quicky', especially after having children.

My issues relating to sex lead to the epiphany that I had never truly embraced the sacred feminine within myself. I felt there was something missing and I grieved for that part of me that I had shunned. I wanted to feel connected.

Working with Sarah I experienced a euphoric awakening that left me feeling that something inside me had connected that had been severed. I feel that I still have a way to go but working with Sarah, I managed to release old grief patterns associated with past traumas that I hadn't realised I still carried as I had thought I had handled these issues. I may have dealt with them on an intellectual level but there was still the underlying pain that I couldn't see or had chosen to ignore.

I would highly recommend Sarah's healing therapy. She is an absolute caring and considerate professional. I had never had another person work with me so intimately so I had fears, but I felt cherished and nurtured. I felt that she approached my body with sacredness that I realised I had never done so towards myself. Every woman should feel this way.


After a session with Sarah I feel embodied, lighter (physically and emotionally), and more in touch with and comfortable in my womanhood. I definitely recommend sacred sexuality sessions for any woman wanting to let go of past story and/or deepen their connection to self. Before I walked in the door I was feeling completely cut off from my sexuality and not sure why. Being with Sarah, and feeling safe and held to go deep into the blockage, enabled me to release and transform my unconscious holding. I was truly surprised at what I was holding on to. Thank you Sarah for the beautiful and safe space you hold. I know that whatever comes up in our sessions will be held in non-judgment with compassion, trust and integrity. I feel safe to let go and to bring 'all of me' to your space.

Lauren, 32, ACT


Sarah holds a profound space for deep transformations.  I have done a series of sessions with Sarah and experienced deep shifts – access to and transformation of supressed material – true inner alchemy.  I have done a few years of deep transformational work and can say that Sarah can hold an incredible space.  She is present, caring, intuitive and nothing scares her – nothing is too much or too dark.  Sarah holds a space of compassion, understanding and most importantly – empowerment.  She intuitively guides the session to what is needed for me in the moment.  The body work component has allowed me to connect to deeper parts of myself and increase sensitivity, sensation and connection (I am a survivor of childhood se*ual abuse and later se*ual violation).  I look forward to continuing my deepening and expansion with this wonderful woman.  Thank you Sarah.


I was introduced to Sarah by a friend who recommended her very highly. What drew me to contacting Sarah was my friends description of the space that she held for him to be completely open and vulnerable to process his experience. I had been researching types of therapy for a long time and what Sarah had to offer encompassed everything I'd been seeking and on interacting with her via messenger and then on the telephone I felt that this was the right path for me.

Sarah has this ability to guide you in such a way that there is nothing too small, embarrassing, distressing or difficult to touch upon. She has listened intently to what I have said and taught me that it is completely ok to allow myself to be vulnerable during the sessions as the space she holds is safe and supportive; I am nothing but grateful for this. This ability to be vulnerable is now part of my life and I no longer see it as a weakness.

She has guided me through inner child work that has led me to be more aware of when I am triggered, made me more compassionate to myself at these times and given me a greater understanding of my reactions in certain situations; to the extent where my reactions are greatly reduced or even absent now. Additionally this has given me greater understanding of the people around me and in turn increased the compassion I have towards them.


I remember my first session with Sarah and how anxious I was however Sarah instantly made me feel at ease with her words and presence and honouring me for turning up. Sarah demonstrates a wonderfully non-judgemental approach with kindness, compassion and love.

I think it is also important to mention that I travel three and a half hours to work with Sarah as I live in Sydney and her Canberra. I do not see this as excessive due to how life changing this work has been for me.


Body and energy work have been the most profound experiences for me. During sessions I have been astounded at how much emotion and energy are released from my body, I would never have experienced this without Sarah's guidance and encouragement throughout. You can really feel that she is taking the journey with you, willing you along to obtain as much benefit from the work as possible. Even afterwards Sarah continues to give encouragement and praise.

Sarah's knowledge and understanding have been invaluable to me. I have been educated to and given a greater understanding of myself and how I and others work, I no longer feel limited by self doubt or defeating self talk, I have gained so much confidence and the ability to express my truth without fear or shame. I am thankful for all the wisdom and support Sarah has and continues to give me on my journey.

Sarah, 34, Sydney

I was fortunate enough to spend several days in a training environment with Sarah. She is a truly powerful Goddess! Her readings were unusually clear and connected, and she has an amazing, deep familiarity with the cards and the archetypes. I learned a great deal just watching her interact with me and the cards, and her readings were phenomenal - full of rare insight and clarity.

Michael Innana, 55, USA

WOW!!! I have done a lot of work on myself and been on a path of conscious growth for a long time and I have never done anything as deep or powerful as this. These sessions have been healing and life changing for my relationship with my partner and even more importantly for my relationship with myself. All that shit about shame and guilt and never being enough, now gone. So relieved to finally shed those layers and embody my truth.


To be honest, I wasn’t just nervous about these sessions, I was terrified and knew I had to walk directly towards those fears. By finally linking up pleasure with safety in my body I’m now able to stay connected to myself and to my partner during sex and intimate touch, sexual game changer! I didn’t even realise how much more there was to release on a physical level because it had all become such a part of me for so long I didn’t know I was still lugging it around.


I feel free, whole, connected, grounded, spacious and awakened. I’m tearing up as I write this and I need to express that because I’m expressing myself all over the place now and it feels wonderful. No more hiding my light or swallowing my truth. Every day I continue to find and share more of myself, and in that I find more of myself to love and have compassion for. I didn’t know things could be this good.


Sarah I can not thank you enough, right from the beginning it felt like you knew me better than I knew myself and knew exactly how to raise me into this me I have become. I will thank you by singing your praises all over town until every woman knows you and this work exists so they too can step into their divine feminine selves, oh yeah because once I did that my partner was able to step into his divine masculine and be everything I had been waiting for and more ;) So much love to you powerful medicine woman. XXX

Jess, 37

Before I met Sarah I was depressed and really struggling with life and self-worth, I had seen counsellors and a psychologist without change, in fact mostly I would feel worse because nothing ever seemed to help and I was beginning to feel I just wasn’t able to be helped because the tools I was being giving were not working for me. My GP wanted to put me on medication which I knew would just cover up the deeper issues and for many reasons just wasn’t an option for me.

Sarah was recommended by a trusted friend who said her sessions would be completely different… and they were! From my first session I trusted Sarah and knew she ‘got me’, she completely saw me. I learnt so much about myself, every single session was a new huge awareness for me to process and integrate in terms of how my past experiences had been stored in my body and how parts of myself I believed were unacceptable had been pushed away into my unconscious and I was creating my dark reality from this place of denying and questioning who I really was. I saw how my experiences from childhood and having a mentally ill parent ensured I played out into adulthood people pleasing and compensating behaviours, neglecting myself and my boundaries to make other people happy so they would love me and stay connected to me, which of course always left me feeling empty and resentful and even more lonely and disconnected.

These sessions weren’t always easy, I had to go to really painful places to release fears and guilt and unravel my pattern of meeting my needs in manipulative ways because I had no idea how to ask anyone for help and felt completely unworthy to do so. Sarah taught me to connect with my wounded inner child and meet her needs and grow her up so she didn’t have to keep playing out destructively and sabotaging my desire for genuine happiness, connection and intimacy. Sarah literally came along and put the puzzle pieces of my life together in a way that I am now finally able to move forward productively.


The bodywork component was incredible and indescribable. I have never felt energy like that moving through my body ever, the awe and trust I now have for my body and it's infinite wisdom brings the biggest smile to my face, and I have now learnt for myself how to breathe into whatever uncomfortable part of me needs my presence or needs to be let go without going into my previous avoidance pattern or negative story. That sums it up really, I learnt how to stop abandoning myself and be with myself. I was always looking for something externally to fill me or make me happy instead of coming within and realising it was finding and connecting with me that was going to make me happy.


Sarah creates an environment that is so held and supportive, I have never felt so much permission just to be myself, explore myself, breakdown and rebuild myself, the good, bad, ugly all came out - though they were all my own judgements. I have honestly never met anyone as open, present and real as Sarah. Thank you isn’t enough for what I have gained, though perhaps it is, I aspire to find my purpose and live it as passionately as you do Sarah.


Cat, 28

I had just reached ‘rock bottom’ emotionally. I had decided I would end up, at the very least alone and crazy, or at the other end of the scale, locked up and sedated in a nuthouse or worse. I saw no other long term possibilities and no way out of my personal hell. I figured I needed to just roll with it and ‘brace for impact’ because there was no other option.

I know this sound extreme but it was my reality. I appeared ‘functioning’ and even the people who knew I was ‘a bit troubled’ had no idea of the scale of things.


Anxiety and repressed traumas had owned my life for almost 30 years and I truly believed I was ruined.

The developmental processes that take place in the mind of a ‘normal’ child were taken from me, so I grew up without access to the appropriate emotional or communication skills or defences.


At the very time I’d decided to give up hope, Sarah came into my life in a way that you could call serendipitous.

I purchased her program and through our sessions I realised that I’d never been in touch with myself and that I was essentially a collection of warring entities who had no means of communicating with, or understanding each other.

Sarah has basically put me back together again. Or should I say, helped me put myself back together. Because really, she’s a helper. Maybe one with crazy wizard skills but a helper, none the less. The real work has to come from us. With her help and support, I surrendered to trust, I worked and triumphed and I’m so proud of myself for having done so! (After 30 years of despising myself, that is a MASSIVE deal).


I’ve been put in touch with all of the different parts of myself and integrated all of them to become a whole being again. I am the ‘Me’ that wasn’t allowed to be until now. I have love for myself and trust in my instincts and feelings. Things that I never even knew were missing but have become so resoundingly clear and important!


Even the ‘dark’ parts that were so overwhelming and scary, now make sense in a whole new way and I see now that they too are essential parts of who I am. They may even be some of the best aspects. Here for protection rather than harm. It sounds strange but maybe you’ll understand it during our own journey.


I can’t fully express what Sarah has done for me and enabled me to do for myself but the progress and results are HUGE for me. I have infinite gratitude and love for Sarah and I know without doubt that anyone else who chooses to let her help them on their journey will feel the same.


I’m now looking at a future. One with hope and excitement and all sorts of possibilities. I know that people around me will get the ‘me’ that they deserve and I’ll be able to have the life I want and deserve. With all its ups and downs. Probably no nuthouse either.


Everyone should have this woman in their lives.

Ben, 33, ACT

Sarah is an amazing person who I've had the privilege of being guided by and given personal coaching from, she is someone who you feel you can completely trust and I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking at making positive changes in their life and some guidance if you're stuck in a rut!

Jessica , 30, Queensland

Inner Willow, Sarah Louise has been inspirational for me. She has provided me with eye opening advice and support and given me the courage to know that I can achieve the things I want too and helped me to set some goals that I have needed for a long time. Sarah has helped me to identify things about me that I did not know myself. I look forward to more coaching with Sarah. I probably have not put this across the best or as I would really have liked, I just can't find the words for the amazing feeling you get from experiencing Sarah's passion and positivity you will have to experience it for yourself. I could not recommend anyone else to help you find your true potential and achieve your goals.


Cassandra, 34,Canberra

Thankyou immensely for allowing me to look at my life, I'm finally excited and sure of my direction. Your intuitive ability and insight is amazing and I can never explain to you what our sessions have meant to me. Anyone who has the opportunity to work on themselves with you would be a better person for it! I'd swear awesomeness to anything you put your name too. You're inspirational!


Sarah is an amazingly intelligent, professional, compassionate and intuitive lady! She has been a blessing in my family's life. I couldn't recommend her highly enough. Forever grateful.


Jennifer ,59,Canberra


I wouldn't be where I am today without Sarah. The knowledge and insights she provided created a new way of thinking for me, setting up an unbelievable foundation to bring up my children. 



Thankyou Sarah Louise for everything! I feel as though I have a whole new life ahead of me to look forward to. Feeling great and I feel more confident than I ever have in my entire life... TRUE! You have given me the courage that has been missing for so many decades. Instead of putting up with what I thought I had to, I am now not scared to go after what I need and want. You are amazing. An absolute marvel. I will always be eternally grateful. 





Sarah has helped me transform my life. Built my confidence and courage. When I try to express what she has done for my life in words it gets too difficult, because how can you? & where can I start or end? Sarah transforms & enlightens the impossible.


Absolutely fantastic! I had a session using the archetypes. Identified my current sitution and how to grow and actions to take. Very professional and healing for the soul. 



Sarah this quote says everything I'm grateful for in having met you. You have done more for me than you may realise. Jen xxx
"At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us." -Albert Schweitzer.

Jen ,28,Canberra

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