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Fucking The World Open

Musings on the Dark Masculine, By Sarah Louise:

The healthy dark masculine is energy that can and will break another’s sovereign free will if it means saving/protecting - It says “not on my watch” will x,y,z happen for the greater good of all! It’s the primal energy of the hunter that kills to defend/protect. It ravishes. It owns, speaks and goes after its desires directly, unashamedly, while respecting ‘no’ but also not allowing ‘no’ to shut him or his desires down. It’s the energy that sets us FREE. It’s the energy that doesn’t give a shit about what others think. it speaks directly to the essence of what is true even if it triggers another - in fact especially if it triggers another because it is HERE to awaken, penetrate through all the bullshit in the world and in people with his dark arrows of conscious love.

Dark masculine is the most feared energy on the planet because it’s the most suppressed and largely in shadow/unhealthy/unconscious and in this expression has been controlling and abusing, raping and pillaging the planet and our resources. It’s also the energy most needed NOW to integrate and be brought to light, to its healthy state in love, because it’s actually the most protective energy on the planet.

I see many men who are fearful of dark masculine and expressing any of the shadow side of dark masculine, desperate to not be seen as sexual predators with distorted, leaky, icky, destructive, selfish energy, or to be associated with the violence, dominance and control of many men currently destroying the planet, and this complete disowning and rejection sends them too far to the other side of the spectrum into unhealthy ‘light’ masculine:

The ‘nice’ guy, who has to ‘prove’ his worthiness to not get rejected and abandoned, whose giving and apparent generosity is actually an unconscious transaction hoping if he gives or does ‘this or that’ he’ll get what he really wants (that he can’t ask for directly) and then sulks, tantrums and shuts down when he doesn’t get it. He feels pressure to ‘perform’ or ‘be’ a certain way to receive love and intimacy, he will lie about or suppress natural desires so women don’t think he ‘Just wants one thing’, and in that a women can’t feel his full authenticity and integrity. He thinks he’s being the ‘safe’ guy, but he’s not safe, he’s hiding and runs when he fears exposure and being called out because his ego is SO identified with being ‘one of the good guys’. He’s confused and feels great shame because he is always making part of him ‘wrong’ and keeping it under wraps, pushing it further into shadow.

Men want to penetrate and feel the full force of their ‘fuck’ power, their ‘lover’ power. A man who denies this to be true in his core is a dangerous man because it’s the essence of how life force wants to give, connect and move through him. If there is avoidance/fear of embodying dark masculine there is always aspects of unhealthy light masculine.

And then in all this, being the ‘nice guy’ he shuts down his life-force, he castrates his own balls and potency, shutting sexuality down and becoming impotent (not just sexually but with his purpose his expression, his blueprint for being in the world) or he becomes addicted to his ejaculation/porn/unconscious release in secret- but never feels truly satiated (or he allows a women to do the castrating for him, example: telling him not to look or breathe in the radiance of another feminine to protect her own insecurities and fear of abandonment).

A lot of these ‘nice/good guys’ tell me they only want to give all the time as that’s most pleasurable for them... The dark masculine can and does take for his own pleasure, there is healthy taking in consent! Why do you think a shitty written novel called 50 shades of grey was a HUGE success and then record breaking $81.7 million dollar movie?? ...Because women of all ages all over the world long and yearn to surrender into their innate feminine essence, to be vulnerable, receptive, surrender, to be ravished! The movie speaks to this archetype and largely unmet desire. A man fears he gets too ‘ravishy’ in his animal and a women will call ‘rape’ #metoo. It’s sad and unfulfilled needs ensue on all sides (some men who have no space for being in their healthy animal are tuning in to ever more aggressive types of porn probably completely unconscious to, and feeling guilty/shame to why they even enjoy it.)

A man taking for his pleasure (in consent) when connected to his heart is HOT and women are starved of this because many men taking are not doing so connected with their cock AND their heart, and many women are stuck in their victim story about the ways in which unhealthy masculine has shown up so she plays unconscious games and manipulations to keep him ‘safe’ for her (which is of course least safe keeping them both hooked in unconscious agreements and relating from wounds that keep the wounds alive and co-dependent)- which on a side note keeps women in a perpetual state of their own unhealthy masculine control and dominance wishing and nagging her man was more ‘this or that’ and shutting him down sexually, emasculating him, or mothering him, instead of bringing forth her openness, her receptivity, her juice, her trust and surrender to his direction and desires and penetrative potency which she (and he!) actually at deepest core level yearn and crave for because a conscious cock (his positive polarity) will crack open a women’s positive polarity *her heart* and have them merge in divine union; our souls ultimate seeking and desire is for this blissful ecstatic state of mergence with source. And not just in Sex but to be in the current of our full creative life-force flowing through and forth from within us into all aspects of our world, to be ‘at one with’, making love with all of life. fucking the world open!

A women needs to feel a mans full integrity, presence and trust the expression of his purpose and direction in the world for her to surrender in this way.

So I’m not saying start taking and ‘voila’ you’ll integrate dark masculine, no. There is of course many elements to awaken to enjoy a whole smorgasbord of flavours in sexual relating and life! And for a whole other topic men (and women) can also not fully integrate healthy dark masculine without integrating healthy feminine and capacity for deep feeling, attunement and sensitivity (which of course there is also both light and dark components to her that need to come out of the shadows to return to wholeness).

This is far from complete - but a taste 😋


These concepts and more can also be explored and more deeply embodied through my one on one work and sessions.


With love
Sarah Louise🌹


The Core Abandonment Wound

Musings on EVERYBODY's primary scar tissue, By Sarah Louise:
OIP (1).jpg

Pre incarnation, when we are source perspective, we are the absolute purest expression of love.
Source and love = Exact same thing.

Then we incarnate into a body, into ‘duality’, there is now a ‘you’, and you 'perceive source’ as separate (of course in the highest dimension this is all still one) but from this human perspective this is not our embodied experience or reality. Unconsciously we feel ‘cut off from’ source, we forget we ‘are’ love. So, we go to seek this love externally.

Love is to become ‘one with’. When we love we are literally taking that thing or person in ‘as’ us, as one, no separation. When we are in-love we experience the highest vibrational state because our energy is now the most aligned with source energy, ‘home’ energy.

When we separate or break up with someone our core source abandonment wound is triggered, for most people it’s completely unconscious that we are triggered alllll the way back to incarnation when we don’t recall with our mind, but our cellular memory remembers ALL, and affects us whether we are conscious to it or not.

Most people will think they are just experiencing pain from relationship separation and project and react from this place and play the blame game out with this person and end up in the same situation over and over possibly with multiple people, relationships and lovers.

We manifest the same scenario to play out because this is what all our wounds do, they manifest the perfect environments and situations and people to trigger so we have opportunity to become aware, heal and integrate and become whole again. The vast majority will never make this journey as they will simply never remember or ‘believe’ we created wounding the moment we got here just by choosing to be here and forgetting we chose.

Separation with other feels like we are losing love, betrayed by love, losing love we took in as ourselves and we forget again we ‘are’ love and our energy plummets and our biochemistry is affected, dopamine of love is replaced by cortisol and epinephrine of stress. The heart literally hurts as the brain sends messages that this emotional pain is physical. The abandonment is very real, very potent.

Most will numb or suppress or distract or refuse to let go (even when it’s so clear romantic/growth compatibility together is over). Anything, so as not to feel it. To press the ‘pain relief button’. Others will avoid romantic love with another completely and convince themselves they don’t need it. It’s literally the greatest pain of all if we truly allow ourselves to feel it, we must not avoid in any way but consciously go directly towards it and invite the pain in and vibrate it through to our ‘core’ wound AND mother wound together, because they link up.

Perhaps another reason we enter the world through the birth canal screaming and crying, that very moment our bodies/awareness perceives separation.
*Firstly, that we’re no longer one with source,
*And secondly that we’re no longer one with mother.
Moving the energy is so innate as tiny babies, we know no other way than to feel, and shake and scream.

Then we become dependent on our parents love for survival and through the process of socialization in an emotionally unevolved society we learn that we can’t be loved for our full selves so we create masks and deny and suppress aspects of self and make them bad or wrong and believe they are unlovable because we learn there are parts of us if we express them, don’t get our needs met, don’t get love = won’t survive (and ironically not surviving is the fastest way back to source love)

It’s way easier said than done, but the only way to get to the core wound is through the perceived betrayal of love, usually this is in romantic separation/breakup (this can also be done staying in relationship if BOTH partners are doing the inner work). We must go so deeply into the pain that we literally die, our identity of who we think we are literally dies. (And, this feels almost impossible as we are also hardwired to avoid fear and pain in order to survive, and of course we think we need to maintain the mask and identities that we have learnt get us the only love and connection we know). However, literally dying to old self is the only way we come back to the core and the truth of who we are... when at the bottom on the pain is only ‘love’, ‘source’, never separate, we see we were just in illusion. Many people will get this intellectually and spiritually and still not make the journey.

When we shed our mask/conditioned identity, as a pure expression of source love we can finally be trusted to choose the life chosen for us and fulfill our actual purpose for incarnating, which is then not so focused as an individual separate purpose, but a planetary purpose. The planet manifested us for a purpose, and I don’t know why but I believe we are largely not achieving it because the world has not matured in this kind of love. Guess there was a glitch in the system somewhere, but to go down the rabbit hole of those theories is going to distract me. Essentially, we want to complete karmic relationships (relationships manifested from unhealed wounds to heal, learn and grow) and embark on dharmic relationships (relationships more supportive of one another's soul path and expression). The difference between feeling another person 'completes' you, to being whole and coming together with another whole being.

In my view, this is actually the single biggest most important thing we need to get and embody out of ALL of this entire life journey. Every other thing leads to this, no one will ever be truly on soul purpose/planetary purpose unless they get and embody, and live and breathe, and express this. (which they can't unless going through the core wound) because they will still be at some level dissipating energy in the outward hunt for love and approval to complete and fill something they forgot they never lost, purpose and relationships will always have that feel within that it needs to feed an egoic part that still 'needs' validation and approval. (Mummy and daddy’s love).

We talk about materialism, but even most spiritual people who talk about being ‘on purpose’ are just living spiritual materialism, it's just a new shiny cloak, that’s why so much feels so fake and competitive.

True love, embodied love will get heaps of validation and approval, but it doesn't 'need' it. It will also get the opposite because love polarizes on a planet that doesn't know pure love, and your 'source-love' will trigger the fuck out of people still avoiding their wounds. The courage to be polarizing is also the only way to make real impact and change, and when you are truly an embodiment of love you will stand on the battlefield and face this -all the projections. You would even be crucified for love, like Jesus, because you come to realize in the end literally nothing-else-matters. Showing up for Love and showing up AS love is the entire point of this entire existence. (We want to aim to stop looking for love and BE LOVE!)

So many journeying this path will think they 'have' self-love because the only love people know is the love they know. Like the majority of people think their orgasm is awesome and have no comprehension they are experiencing 5% of their pleasure capacity.
I guess that's the problem with self-love - there is still a ‘self’ 😉

And anything other than complete self-love and 100% authenticity and being true to self when you are romantically with another is going to be some form of neediness, transactional relating, attachment and co-dependence. So yes, this is absolutely the large majority of relationships and marriages on the planet today.

What I have just spoken to is every person on the planets journey, we are all here to remember love, embody love, transmit love, be love. The abandonment wound is everybody’s core wound, though most will live their entire life and never know that’s what needs addressing and that that’s what’s unconsciously driving their life.

‘Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you’ll call it fate’ - Carl jung

Also, as side note love is considered feminine energy and purpose and freedom masculine energy. So true love and true purpose will marry and mature in union within us simultaneously. Spiritual entrepreneurs not living and contributing from source-love are typically on a path of spiritual materialism, ‘not’ soul/planetary purpose, they are working towards their individual goals, ideal version of self to market. Marked by a pronounced fear of survival and being run unconsciously by the blocked root chakra and viewing money as = individual survival, authority and power.... these people will mostly never have any idea because they are still attached to using their spirituality as a mask to being ‘good and liked and successful’ (hint* these people never reveal their poop, unless they’re prostituting their vulnerability and probably feel shame and alone when their life is not as together as they portray).

Genuine soul emergence and aligning with planetary purpose takes a ton of authenticity, vulnerability, integrity and courage. A commitment to throwing it all in the fire continuously burning up the constructed self. Non negotiation to standing in full soul shine.

So in heart break, allow it to crush and dissolve you, to feel like it’s destroying you. Fully die in this pain... so a bigger heart, one you could never imagine beyond your wildest imaginations was possible can emerge ❤️

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