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Sarah has helped me transform my life. Built my confidence and courage. When I try to express what she has done for my life in words it gets too difficult, because how can you? & where can I start or end? Sarah transforms & enlightens the impossible.




Therapeutic & Transformational  Coaching

For Teenage Girls

  • Stress, anxiety, depression

  • Difficulty regulating emotions

  • Body image and self acceptance

  • Friendships (conflicts, competition, betrayal)

  • Self esteem

  • Academic or athletic struggles

  • Family conflict

  • Blended family or challenges with step parents

  • Communication

  • Dating and relationships

  • Sex

  • Confusion about life direction

  • Peer pressure

  • Drugs, experimentation

  • Risk taking

  • Self destructive behaviours

  • Decision making

  • Social issues, social media issues

  • Identity, belonging

  • Spirituality

  • ...To name a few

I understand there are times you feel all kinds of uncertainty raising your teenage daughter. I know you would be there for her if she would 'just talk to you', but your teen continues to feel alone and isolated in her problems. Afraid no one will understand. Confused about how to navigate her challenges and ultimately paralysed by stress and overwhelm. For your teenager daughter these years can be nothing short of brutal.


I empathise that a struggling teen can effect the environment and dynamics in the home. I know you need resources and solutions, ultimately you want to know that she will be OK, that you will be OK and that you are on the 'right track'. While I can not promise to have every answer, I do have the experience, knowledge, strategies and tools for working with teenagers. I know what creates success, I know what doesn't.


My ability to engage and build positive relationships is what allows me to be truly effective in connecting to what is really going on in their lives. I identify what is getting in the way of them being truly happy and work with them to transform this to create positive growth and change. 


I appreciate it may be difficult to broach the subject of getting support with your teenage daughter, however it will be in how you sell it to her. I am not a medical professional or a licensed psychologist. Coaching should be viewed more as a gift for your teen, someone who believes in her greatest potential, can handle her moods and is committed to helping her unlock her happiest authentic self. If your teen is happy to work with me my mission will be to take her from surviving to thriving her adolescent years.



Coaching is ultimately about transition, where you are and where you want to go. Young people are in a constant state of transition, grade school to high school, high school to college, adolescents to adulthood. It really makes sense that this particular age group would benefit enormously from a coach. Someone to establish a trusting relationship that helps explore their strengths, dreams, values and challenges. To meet them where they are at and listen non judgmentally while supporting and guiding them to discover their authentic self.



  • Coaching and mentoring provides a unique opportunity for young people to gain clarity and deepen their self awareness.

  • Connect with their core needs, values and what they really want which in turn assists them to make smart, self honouring choices with conviction.

  • Gain real tools and strategies to cope with and navigate challenges they are coming up against.

  • Create and clarify goals for a compelling vision of themselves and their future.

  • Learn skills to effectively communicate with friends, family, teachers and co workers.

  • Enhance social skills and deal with social pressure.

  • Improve relationships with peers.

  • Increase self esteem, confidence, happiness and personal empowerment.

  • Learn to evaluate choices and understand consequences.

  • Become accountable.

  • Gain time management and organisational skills.

  • Discover personal strengths and maximise potential.





Parents & Carers

Challenges & Issues Affecting Teenage Girls

Experience working with young people prior to coaching

I began working with young people ten years ago travelling to both the USA and UK to become a camp counsellor/leader. Both programs were 3 months of intensive planning, implementing programs and leading young people through activities with the core objective to have fun while developing valuable learnings that could be taken back into their lives. Setting and achieving goals, building positive relationships, cooperation, communication skills, focus, determination and the willingness to have ago. Increasing self-esteem, confidence and identity.


The American camp was situated in the far north woods of Wisconsin, focusing on life survival skills, nature and work with horses. In the UK a youth hostel was converted into a performing arts camp in Hampstead Heath, London, where I taught drama and choreographed acts for young people to perform on stage in a London theatre.


It was these early roles that taught me the incredibly positive and powerful influence you can have on the lives of young people when strong trusting relationships are built within safe and supportive environments.


Returning to Canberra I gained formal qualifications in both Youth Work and Mental Health and acquired 6 years experience working with young people living in long term residential care, this was predominantly in ‘home’ style refuge settings as well as residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation. The reality for many of the young people I worked with in these environments was a history of trauma, abuse and neglect resulting in poor self esteem, social skills and little vision or hope for themselves to create a better future. I worked with these young people to de-escalate, address, teach and transform their presenting behaviours which included- criminal acts, aggressive outbursts, issues with control and emotional regulation, self-harm, dependence on drugs & alcohol, unsafe and risky sex (and it's resulting issues), distrust of authority as well as most adults.


Working with these young people led me down a path of extensive research, trainings and learning. As well as the numerous coaching and personal development programs I use with young people now, I am also trained in therapeutic crisis intervention (TCI), suicide assessment and intervention (ASIST), responding to sexually offending behaviours (SAIFF), understanding the neurobiology of complex trauma, circle of courage (RAP)- practical skills to build positive behaviour and create climates of respect in homes, schools and youth programs and creating fun learning environments.



Liability Waiver

I base my guidance and advice on my education and direct experience, drawing from what I have observed: which thoughts, techniques, and actions have created success, and which have created failure. For issues with medical or psychological gravitas, my input is just that: input, rather than a medical or psychological diagnosis or directive. Before taking any action that could affect the client's or family's physical or psychological health, please consult with a medical professional. I am not liable for the actions, behaviours, mental or emotional states of the clients I work with.

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