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"...Bodywork and energy work have been the most profound experiences for me. During sessions I have been astounded at how much emotion and energy are released from my body, I would never have experienced this without Sarah's guidance and encouragement throughout... I think it is also important to mention that I travel three and a half hours to work with Sarah as I live in Sydney and her Canberra. I do not see this as excessive due to how life changing this work has been for me..."                                 

                                                                                                      Sarah, 34, Sydney


I can't fully express what Sarah has done for me and enabled me to do for myself but the progress and results have been HUGE. I have infinite gratitude and love for Sarah and I know without doubt that anyone who chooses to let her help them on their journey will feel the same. I'm now looking at a future. One with hope, excitement and possibilities.

Everyone should have this woman in their lives.

Ben, 33, Canberra




Your intuitive ability and insight is amazing and I can never explain what our sessions have meant to me. Anyone who has the opportunity to work on themselves with you would be a better person for it! I'd swear awesomeness to anything you put your name to! You're Inspirational!

 Stuart, 35, Canberra


Sarah  Louise

Sarah Louise is a transformational speaker and workshop facilitator creating and offering a variety of popular events and workshops.

Sacred Sexuality Sanctuary

Re-connecting you with the power, wisdom and innocence of your sexual energy.

~ Liberation and integration through powerful mind, body and soul Sacred Sexuality bodywork sessions. Sex re-education and intimacy coaching for men, women and couples.

Nurturing and guiding you towards your deepest wounds and unconscious blocks for release, transmutation and integration.

~Navigating people back into their heart space to remember who they are beyond trauma and conditioning~ 

Consciously create the life you truly desire with love, joy, connection, presence and purpose.

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